Gay pride: Part 2.

In honor of Pride month, let’s make a lesbian pride flag!

Lesbian flag: the goal
Lesbian flag: the top
Lesbian flag: the result

I did this using scraps I had on hand, but you just need 3.5″ strips of purple, pink, white, orange, and red that are about 26″ long.

When the strips come together, it’ll measure 15.25″ ish. Therefore, the backing should be 15.25″ x 26″.

I didn’t make a quilt technically, there’s no batting or quilting.

To secure the flag to the fence, I sewed velcro to the backing and used double sided tape on the fence. Now, if I need to take it down or if I make something else I want to put up, I just have to put some Velcro on it!

What are you making for pride month?

Love, Madeleine


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