Quilt podcasts.

If you’re a quilter and are as into podcasts as I am, you’ll appreciate knowing a few of the best quilting podcasts out there. At least, the best ones I’ve found and listen to. Follow the links below to have a listen.

Craft Industry Alliance Podcast – This podcast isn’t just about quilting and quilters, though it does have quilters on as guests on occasion. I started listening to it when it was the While She Naps podcasts, but it has since been rebranded. The core of the show is about how to run a creative business and different makers’ journeys to that end. Abby Glassenberg is a great, gentle host who has great questions and is genuinely interested in what her guest is saying. I love the conversations.

Simple. Handmade. Everyday. – Kristen Esser is the host of this solo podcast. She has a few different sections were she talks about quilting, what she’s reading and watching, and generally how to keep a home. Sometimes she gets into other topics as well, but those are the main ones. She has a soothing voice and her episodes inspire me to quilt, yes, but also to do other things I probably should be doing more, like cleaning.

The Quilters Circle Podcast – Ashley Hough is the host who interviews different quilters about their quilting lives. I love these kinds of podcasts. They’re just straight interviews where you get to learn a lot.

American Patchwork & Quilting Podcast – Of magazine fame, this podcast is hosted by Lindsay Maylin and she talks to other magazine staff about various quilting topics. My favorite section of the shows are the Getting Sewcial segments where a quilter is interviewed. I also very much enjoy the Quilting Changes Everything segments where a philanthropic quilt story is shared. The tips and tricks are always fun to listen to as well.

Running Stitch, A QSOS Podcast – This is the newest podcast I’ve found and it might be my favorite. Quilters S.O.S. is the Save Our Stories project, which is an oral history project created by the nonprofit Quilt Alliance in 1999. The quilters are interviewed by the host, Janneken Smucker, but there are also segments of previous interviews either with the quilter or on the subject from the QSOS project. There aren’t very many episodes at the moment, but what there are include First Quilts, Quilts and Activism, Quilts and Civil Rights, among other important and meaningful topics.

Comment below with your thoughts on these podcasts. Do you have any other favorite quilting podcasts?

Love, Madeleine


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