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I hope you can learn a little something, be inspired, or just enjoy seeing some of my quilts and getting a little glimpse into my life.

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I was recently listening to the Witch Wave podcast where the host Pam Grossman interviews Neko Case. It’s the season 5 premiere episode, #76 Neko Case, Sovereign Songstress. In the episode, Pam asks Neko: I love the way that you write about gender or just write gender. I’m thinking about a song you have called…


I am so excited to let you all know about my Kickstarter project, Quilted Tarot! Quilted Tarot is a project where I’ll be making a wall-hanging quilt for each of the major arcana cards, photographing them, and turning them into physical decks. If you don’t know much about tarot, or if you’re a tarot purist,…


How honest are you with yourself and others? I’ve always valued honesty. I used to think I have to be honest with all people at all times. Now, I think white lies are fine in certain circumstances. If I’m talking to a stranger and they ask me something that would require an in depth response,…

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